Lindy L. Harley writes about the Harley Kids, a family of super-kids

Joseph Gray writes about Jake and Josh, twin brothers who have a great group of friends

Magic Monster Drink by Lindy L. Harley

Meet New Friends

The Harley Kids Managers of Mischief to the rescue!!

Payton - A fiery 10-year-old thrill seeking optimist whose mission is to help others. Known as Payton the Protector. She was born to be a leader she is looked up to by not only the little guys in her life, but all that they have helped along the way. She has no tolerance for bullying and will shoot her super slim when needed.

Vince - A 5-year-old wildly imaginative boy who is obsessed with Super Heroes, Never had he dreamed that not only he himself would become one, but it has in fact been in his family for decades! Known as Vince the Visionary he is armed with extraordinary vision and the ability to see moments into the future. He himself proves to be quit a Superhero!

Jace - A 4-year-old mild mannered boy who is fond of anything that involves gadgets and building. Known as Jace the Ace with super speed he and his skills strongly assist in the adventures they embark on.

Cal - the 3-year-old newest member to the Harley Kids is a sweet smart little one who possesses unbelievable gymnastics abilities. Known as Calisthenic Cal. Little but mighty Cal proves to hold his own and keep right up with the rest of the Harleys!

Jake and Josh and Friends!

Jake - The "older" brother and the leader of the group. He is smart, considerate, and always has a plan! When he grows up, Jake will use his smarts and leadership skills to help others achieve their goals.  

Josh - Brave, polite, and a boy with hydrocephalus, a condition that causes him some physical difficulties, but never slows him down! Whatever Josh decides to do when he gets older, he will continue to be an inspiration to people with and without disabilities.

Ella - A friend to the twins. She is kind and always willing to help her friends. One day, Ella will take her love of helping others and make their lives better just for knowing her. She could become veterinarian, doctor, or run a charity that helps people.

Corrigan - A friend to the twins. He is inquisitive and has a great sense of adventure. Corrigan's future is limitless. He will either be the first person to walk on the surface of Mars or spend his days exploring the depths of the oceans.

Milo - A friend to the twins. He is the youngest of the group but brings wisdom to every situation. Milo loves to play and make people smile. In the future, Milo could become an actor, comedian, professor, or a writer.

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