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TV Interview

Joseph Gray was interviewed by WBRW in Washington Twp., Mi. about his books and their connections to hydrocephalus. To view in the interview, click here.

Newspaper stories


The Macomb Daily wrote an article about Author Joseph Gray and his books. To read the story, click here

C&G Newspapers wrote an article about "Jake and Josh in Canceling Christmas" and "Jake and Josh in The Blanket Rescue." The article also featured an interview with the real life Jake and Josh's mom, Emily. To read the story, click here.

Managers of Mischief Meet Mad Mary Lou!

New book from Lindy L. Harley


Author Lindy L Harley is completing the fourth book the Harley Kids Series, "Managers of Mischief Meet Mad Mary Lou." The book is also co-written by her granddaughter Payton.

Description: One starry summer night, the kids were playing follow the leader in the backyard. Payton was the leader at the time, walking around with a large stick in her hand. She was swinging it up and down resembling a band leader. They were marching with Payton in the lead, then Jace, then Vince and little Cal doing his best to keep up with their dogs trailing behind him. All singing hup 2-1234, hup 2-1234.Then Payton yelled, "R-E-V-R-S-E!" This meant that Cal was now the leader… …well he wasn’t the steadiest on his feet yet, nor did he know many words. But Payton, Vince, and Jace encouraged him on. Then with his blankly tucked under his arm he started off a bit wobbly. Saying hop, hop, hop…. up, up, up…only the more he said up the higher he went! Vince grabbed the end of his blankly, Jace grabbed the back of Vince’s jacket and Payton grabbed Jace’s pant leg and the dogs grabbed onto Payton sweater…. to the top of the house, then to the tree, and then he grabbed a hold of a star, and they swung from star to star. When they came back down, they landed in sort of a circle all a bit tangled. Wow yelled Vince! How did you do that Payton asked? Again, said Jace pointing up. Cal just smiled with that twinkle in his eye. We need to go tell Gramma Harley right now, Payton exclaimed!

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